Why You Should Stop Lying To Yourself This Second

You cannot go through life lying to yourself. If you are not being honest with yourself, you won’t be able to grow and move forward. We all desire to have a complete and exuberant life and the only way to achieve that is by being genuine to ourselves.

Unfortunately, we tend to lie to ourselves and more often than not, we glide into denial. Most lies may seem harmless at first but as time goes by, hiding from yourself will make you lose touch with your inner self. So try to stay as real to yourself as possible, even in situations you find challenging.

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Stop living in a fantasy, start living an authentic life today before it’s too late.

Quit these bad habits once and for all and you will become a whole person. So end this nonsense right now:

1. Fixing others

It is not ok to control others or try to fix their qualities that you don’t like. It is impossible to change other people, psychologists say. They change only when they want to.

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2. Saying you don’t have time

Drop this excuse. You know deep down that there is always time for things that truly matter. Get your priorities straight. Stop losing time with stuff that doesn’t matter and make time for things that do matter.

3. Not trusting your intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool, you can get far by trusting your gut. Haven’t you ever been suspicious of your partner? However, you kept lying to yourself that nothing is wrong only to discover that you were right and should have believed your intuition in the first place.

4. Denying an addiction

Be it drugs or alcohol, sugar or sex, to deny an addiction means to put your own life in danger. It is hard to accept things you don’t like because they are too harrowing to confront. The brain feeds on that chemical so it tells you to deny the problem. If the case, please stop lying to yourself and seek help.

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5. Saying you will save money later on

We know how excruciating saving money can be. There are two types of people in this world, the one who spends money and the one who saves money. While the latter is pragmatic and focused on the future, the first one goes by the simple rule – earn money, spend money. Psychologists advise us to start saving young and stay true to the type of lifestyle we can afford.

Always be true to yourself, this is the only path to inner peace.

Stop lying to yourself and start living true! Please share this!