Friendships Just Aren’t What They Used To Be – Here’s Why

With so many things around us constantly changing and evolving, there’s no wonder human relationships are also going through changes.

Probably the most significant change over the last few decades is the increase in online or virtual communication. This has a major impact on how we now perceive relationships and conversations in general.

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Our society today is also a lot more mobile than before, with globalization and everything. More and more people now choose to move in a different city or state whether for work or other purposes.

So because of this high mobility, we tend to treat objects around us like furniture differently. We try not to get attached to things and focus on them being disposable.

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But what happens when we start doing that with people?

Well, obviously, our relationships will suffer greatly.

The younger generations become used to the idea that they can replace their friends anytime. Societies often encourage individuals to pursue their goals and to driven to success. That sometimes translates into moving in another city in order to find a better job or get promoted.

But this road to a successful career comes at some costs.

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We develop the idea that objects as well as people are replaceable. And in the long run, our social ties will go through a decline.

Research emphasizes how much we need close social ties to function properly as human beings.

So never take your friendships for granted! Please share this!