The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

When you’re dealing with the excruciating pain and chaos of a breakup, you are suddenly forced to face all your demons. And waiting becomes unbearable because you really don’t know where to start to pick up the pieces. You feel rejected and abandoned and as if you’ll never be happy again.

All these feelings are natural. We are balls of emotions when we have to deal with heartache and it can be extremely confusing.

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After a breakup, we will also have to deal with so much unknown. We know everything will be different now, we’ll have to readjust to the life we had before. We will have to learn to stand on our own feet again and not rely on our partner for support.

We’ll often feel like the world is the cruelest coldest place and that we wish things got better right away. Because we can barely stand being in this vulnerable position. We’re longing for something and we constantly feel needy and aching.

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The grieving process isn’t an easy one. It’s often a roller-coaster and it’s up to us to make it as smooth as we can.

We’ll go through all these intense and often conflicting emotions so that we can find some answers. We want our experience to have meant something, we need a higher purpose. We need to know the why.

And then we wait. And we wait. For answers. For our lives to get back on track. But this waiting is the hardest part. We don’t know where it takes us because we can’t tell the future.

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All we have to do is try to look inside and learn to acknowledge and accept that the pain is real. Then we can start healing.

And things will get better, I promise! Please share this!