Exercising Is Not Always Good For You

The health benefits of exercise have become the mantra of our times. But the line between discipline and compulsive behavior is not that clear. If you have any doubts whether or not the relationship with your exercise routine is a healthy one, then try to ask yourself some important questions.


1. What are your thoughts and behaviours surrounding exercise?

Did you notice thoughts and feelings related to your exercise routine that might be problematic? Do you exercise no matter the state you are in? Do you feel guilty or anxious if you don’t exercise? Is exercise more important than other aspects of your life? Does your social life suffer from it?

If this is the case, you might want to consider integrating other coping statements that you can fall back on. For example, try to tell yourself that you are not defined by the amount of exercise that you do. Or convince yourself that you deserve to rest.

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2. Do you have rules concerning your exercise routine that you cannot simply break?

If you have a set of rules associated with your exercise routine, try to reconsider these rules one by one, in small steps. Try to adopt less destructive ways in which you relate to your exercise routine.

It might be uncomfortable or anxiety provoking at first, but you should remind yourself that this is only temporary, and the overall effects are long lasting.

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3. Can you think about other coping strategies that might help you?

Depending on the feelings surrounding your exercise routine, you might want to find other coping strategies to attain that state of mind. Do you feel less stressed after a ten mile run? That’s understandable, but you can calm down and feel relaxed by getting a massage, by colouring or by talking to a friend.

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You can process and cope with your feelings in many ways and exploring new ones is always a good idea.

Try to remember that the wound that you want to heal by running is still going to be there when you come home. There is no use to extenuate yourself when the whole purpose was to heal. You are not lazy or weak if you don’t run the marathon. Sometimes, you just need to rest and and take care of yourself in healthy and gentler ways.

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