Why Loving What You Do Is More Important Than How Much You Make

We all know how the old saying goes: money doesn’t bring happiness. That is debatable depending on who you’re asking.

Despite this, many of us today are chasing money, financial status and well-paid jobs as if our entire lives revolved around this. Well, when you come to think about it, what we do for a living does play a major part in our lives.

But is that all there is to it? Aren’t we supposed to be able to look beyond the material aspect? And when we do, we would like to find a different type of fortune.

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Our souls need riches, perhaps even more than our bellies need food. There’s no denying that financial security feels great, but what about our dreams?

What about that whisper at the end of the day reminding us that pursuing our passions is just as noble as having a day job.

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Here’s why we should follow our passion more and focus less on the money aspect:

Long-term, this might seem like the best idea.

Why? Because you will build something over time and if you enjoy what you do, you won’t feel like working a day in your life.

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You won’t feel forced to go to work and spend most of the day there.

Simply because you love what you do.

You are more willing to commit to your job and do things well.

Does your job fulfill you?

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