The Difference Between True Love And Unhealthy Obsession

There are many relationships that fail because they are unhealthy. We are constantly bombarded with love stories on TV, in music and the whole entertainment industry. They portray the idea that each of us has one soul mate and that we should struggle to find that one.

And then we figure that when we have finally found them (or think we have), we should somehow worship them or something. That’s where unhealthy relationships stem from.

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When a connection between two people is based on pure infatuation, obsession or idealization, then it’s doomed from the very beginning. It cannot grow.

Because love is oh so blind, we cannot always tell the difference between the two. How do we know we actually love somebody?

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Well, usually love is effortless. Everything unfolds with ease, the conversations are smooth and you don’t feel stressed out.

You don’t feel you have to struggle in order to communicate or to make it work. Things just come out naturally. Simply put, you don’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells every time you’re with your partner.

When you have a fixation with someone, you always feel like you need something for them, you need them for validation or attention. Or to fill that void.

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And it generally feels like you’re suffocating. You feel drained and you feel you need to somehow change them to get what you want.

Remember that true love doesn’t need effort, it’s pure and genuine. Please share this!