3 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Your Life Purpose

What is your purpose on this planet? Big question, we know. But important questions require intense answers. If you are struggling with trying to find out, we might be able to come to your rescue with a few tips.

Many people earn a decent living and lead successful lives, but is that how we measure purpose and meaning? Or are we looking for more? Here are 3 powerful questions to help you find your life purpose.

1. What were you passionate about growing up?

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Many of us wanted to be astronauts, truck drivers or teachers when we were kids. Children are usually encouraged to follow their dreams and become whatever they want to. Sadly, we lose some of that commitment and passion as we grow up. But what is it that you enjoyed the most as a kid? That might be the key to finding out what you are really destined to do in life.

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2. What would you do if money weren’t an issue?

There are many of us who work in order to pay the bills and attain some financial stability. While on this path, we forget to consider that maybe our financial status should come secondary. The big question you should ask yourself every day is: would I still be doing this if I didn’t get paid for it? If the answer is yes, keep doing what you do. If you say no, ask yourself what is the thing you enjoy most doing that you’d do for free.

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3. What makes you forget about everything that goes on in your life?

When you enjoy what you do, you tend to lose track of time. If you’re counting the minutes while at work, you might want to change something about this. When you’re completely immersed in an activity you love, you can even forget to eat or drink water. Also, you forget about all your life’s problems.

We hope you found this helpful! Don’t ever let go of what makes you happy! Please share to help your friends figure out their purpose too!