Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Brain

Have you ever wondered how your brain works? What is it about our minds really that is so fascinating? Apparently, a lot. After reading these amazing things you won’t think about this organ the same way. Here are some cool facts you didn’t know about your brain!

Your brain can’t feel pain.

Really. The human brain has no pain receptors so it can’t feel a thing. This is why doctors can perform brain surgery on patients who are still awake. Wow!

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The adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds.

It’s good to know that brain size has nothing to do with intelligence. After all, Einstein’s brain was smaller than average.

We still don’t know why we dream.

The reason why we dream remains a mystery among scientists, but different theories abound. Some think it’s to allow us to absorb memories and thoughts better.

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You can’t tickle yourself.

The part responsible for physical movement can predict the sensation and prevent a response. This part, called cerebellum, prevents you from tickling yourself.

Your brain can generate up to 25 watts of power.

That’s enough to power a lightbulb!

The human brain is the fattest organ.

That’s right: your brain is 60% made up of fat.

Your brain continues to develop long throughout your lifetime.

It’s not true that your brain stops developing at the age of 18. This is a process that may last up until you’re in your 40s.

You have around 70,000 thoughts every day.

How many thought have you had since you started reading this?

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Your brain is actually more active when you’re asleep.

Now that’s impressive!

You have more brain cells at the age of 2 than at any other age.

Too bad we don’t know that when we’re actually 2.

Brain is the only object that can contemplate itself.

Yes, we use our brains to think about our brains. Crazy, isn’t it? You may want to reflect on that.

What do you think of these facts? Pass this on to reach other people’s brains!