5 Lies Everybody Tells To Their Kids

Parents are often confronted with the following paradox: while they teach their kids not to lie, they lie to them constantly. And often without even realizing that they lie. Here are the most common types of lies all parents tell their children.

Most parents lie to their children because they consider that they wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. In other words, they want to protect them from brutal truths. Here are some examples of lies that most parents tell their children.

1. Santa won’t bring you gifts if you don’t behave

The point of this type of lie is to teach them that there are consequences to their bad behavior. But instead of threatening them by appealing to an imaginary character, it’s best to set boundaries them in the real world. Give them a time out or take away their toys for a while.

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2. I will always protect you

You might want that, but you won’t be able to deliver on your promise. Find a way to tell your child exactly that, that while you will always want to protect them, you might not always succeed. And that they should be careful on their own.

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3. The toy store is closed

No, the toy store is not closed, they already have too many toys or you don’t have the money for it. While it may be embarrassing to say something like that to your child, it’s better for them to know that there are limitations to their wants.

4. What a wonderful drawing!

It’s probably not. And your child can probably sense that you are not sincere. It’s better to praise them on their effort or improvements than lie all together.

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5. It’s bed time

If it’s still light outside, it’s probably not their bed time yet. It’s just you being tired. Maintaining a realistic sleeping routine will give them structure and still make them trust you.

Telling them the whole truth and explaining them the consequences of their actions is your kids’ best opportunity to learn. On the other hand, being lied to by their parents will make them distrust the people around them and will make them doubt the simplest realities in the future. Please, share this!