5 Mental Barriers You Need To Let Go Of

If you want to be truly free, you must first declutter your mind. There is not enough space in your head for your new encounters, thoughts, desires, adventures, and ideas. From time to time, you need to pack your emotional baggage and throw it far away. A mind cleanse is the best thing that could ever happen to you and you should relive that joy at the very beginning of every new year.

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In order to enjoy the elation of the new year ahead of us, we should all let go of mental barriers. Recurring thoughts that haunt us, beliefs we swept under the rug or emotions we shunned until they eventually became numb. Letting go of your mental barriers will provide you the inner freedom that can grow wings to fly as far as you want.

A blank canvas of opportunity awaits. A new beginning. A fresh start. You ought to fill that canvas with different shades of your colorful life.

Start by tossing aside at least a bunch of the bad things that populate your internal world:

1. Attachment

Attachment is the root of all suffering, says the Buddhist philosophy. If you think about it, it’s entirely true. We cause so much harm to ourselves and to others because we get too attached of things, people, opinions, notions, you name it. We don’t have to repeat the same patterns all over again. Remember, every attachment has the possibility to be detached.

2. Negative Thinking

It does sound silly, like someone would tell you to start thinking more positively from now. The problem with negative thinking is that once you push those dark buttons, every little thing around and inside you begins to go downhill like a roller coaster. The downward spiral drags you deeper into a gloomy pit, where you get more and more depressed. So it’s highly important to put the breaks on the downward spiral when you see it coming, try to be less pessimistic for a change.

3. Guilt

Guilt is something that eats you from the inside, with no remorse or purpose whatsoever.  It doesn’t help you in any way, it just fuels your awful opinion about yourself.

4. Compulsive thinking

This way of thinking is more damaging than we can grasp. How often do you press the pause button in your life and really think if your life makes sense? If you’re truly heading somewhere, if there’s a meaning to your humble existence? If you have no idea why you do the same things every day, you should totally take the time to reflect on the reasons you do certain things or their side-effects. Everybody’s living on autopilot, be the exception to the rule.

5. Drop the “I’ll do it later” bit

No more procrastination. No more I’ll do it tomorrow, later, starting next week or on the weekend. Your subconscious is nothing but a saboteur, you must consciously struggle to begin the task at the very least. You know that after five minutes you’ll end up doing the entire task. Remember the five-minute rule?

Letting go of these mental barriers will feel like a rebirth! Don’t waste another second!