5 Psychological Facts That Reveal So Much About Us

The human mind is purely spellbinding but the field of psychology has done a great job in exploring its most cryptic recesses. That is how we have come to comprehend the different facets of human behavior. It’s incredible how psychological facts reveal so much about us.

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1. Most of our memories are… false

Well, not entirely false. But so much distorted that we can deem them as inaccurate or incorrect. When facing something traumatic, the brain takes a vivid “snapshot” – these recollections are called flashbulb memories. Everyone remembers in great detail the circumstances surrounding the 9/11 tragedy, where we were and what we were doing. Studies have shown that strong emotions associated with that particular event mostly denatures our memory of it.

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2. We blame people’s behavior on their personality …except when it comes to us

We tend to criticize other people and blame it on their inner attributes, but when it comes to our own mistakes, we blame it on the external (I had no choice). This is called the fundamental attribution error and, sadly, it cannot be avoided. Even if we’re aware of judging unfairly, we still continue indulging in this inaccuracy.

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3. We have… a friend limit

Don’t allow yourself to be impressed by the number of friends one may have on social media. In reality, research has proved we can’t have more than 50-150 friends in our lifetime.

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4. We daydream… 30% of the time

Our mind wanders at least 30% of the time and, taking into consideration #5, it totally makes sense. Psychologists have discovered that people who have a high predisposition to daydreaming are more creative and better at solving problems.

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5. We can sustain our attention for …10 minutes

When we are really interested in something, we can be very attentive for approximately 10 minutes. After that, well, our mind wanders away.

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