6 Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency You Should Never Ignore

According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, almost 40% of North Americans suffer from vitamin B-12 deficiency.

It’s true that many people don’t consider vitamins vital. When it comes to vitamin B-12, age plays an important factor. Thus, as we grow older, the body’s ability to absorb and retain this vitamin decreases.

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Another reason why people may deal with this kind of deficiency is that the vitamin is not synthesized by the body like vitamin D. This is why it’s crucial to get this one from animal based food or try supplements.

Please don’t disregard any of these following signs or symptoms.

1. Muscles don’t get enough strength

Vitamin B-12 is responsible for manufacturing of red blood cells. Because these carry the oxygen to the muscles, you may experience weaker muscles if you have this deficiency.

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2. Fatigue

If you don’t get enough vitamin B-12, chances are you feel tired all the time and hence have a hard time staying awake. If your sleeping routine includes the sacred 8 hours (at least), then vitamin B-12 deficiency might be the cause. Vitamin B-12 deficiency has also been linked to depression and generally low energy.

3. Pale skin

If your complexion has turned rather yellowish towards pale, then it may be the result of breakdown of red blood cells. In other words, your body is probably not getting enough vitamin B-12.

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4. Memory loss

This may be a sign of many conditions and illnesses, among which Alzheimer’s disease or just stress. But a lack of the vitamin B-12 you need could also be a potential cause so don’t dismiss it.

Because there aren’t enough blood cells to carry oxygen to your brain, this will not be able to function properly. So it can lead to weaker memory or trouble with focusing on tasks.

5. Issues with the optic nerve

In more advanced cases of this type of deficiency, your optic nerve could be damaged. If you’re suffering from blurry or erratic vision, don’t hesitate to consult with a specialist doctor.

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6. Redder tongue

This is another sign that you’re not getting enough vitamin B-12. The tongue has small bumps called papillae which keep the tongue at a certain shade of red. When we deal with this deficiency, we lose our papillae and therefore get redder tongue.

Don’t overlook any of these signs! Make sure you maintain a proper and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Please pass this along!