5 Signs You Might Be A Sapiosexual

If you get aroused only by smart people then you’re definitely a sapiosexual. When you don’t give a darn about looks and you’re only attracted to intelligence, you’re a sapiosexual. You always put the mind before appearance and you know that true beauty lies within. This somewhat new term comes from Latin, ‘sapien‘ means wise or intelligent and sexualis’ refers to the sexes.

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Sapiosexuals connect on a deeper level, they build relationships based on profound bonds. They seek true love, one that goes beyond the physical and dismiss the attractive traits that are usually appealing to humans. They are simply turned on by the way another person thinks and intellectuality is what ties them together.

Here are 7 signs you are totally a sapiosexual:

1. You’re all about the essence – you choose substance over everything else, what’s truly inside is what matters to you; how do you connect with your partner is the most important part in a relationship; if you’re into the same things and you can talk all night long about the theories of consciousness.

2. You engage in witty conversations – you had it clear in your mind from the start, beauty fades; you know that the person you choose to be with you has to have a great personality and you must be on the same page, intellectually.

3. You pick libraries over bars – for you, a night out is nothing more than a loss of your precious time doing what you love, spending quality time with yourself or the person you chose to be with.

4. You hate small talk – those mundane conversations are a total waste of time for you, you don’t even enroll in discussions about the weather.

5. You put a price on grammar – nothing is sexier than a language correctly spoken; needless to say that talking about books or that new theory on depression is far more interesting for you than stories about people and how they spent their summer vacation.

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