5 Clues You Are A Deep Thinker

There are people who are not satisfied by the superficial things, that always want to know more and that connect ideas in an inventive manner. These are the deep thinkers of our times and you are one of them if you have the following traits:


1. You are an introvert

While from outside you appear to sit quietly and do nothing, your mind is always busy. You prefer one on one conversations to big crowds, because this is the type of situation where you can really dig deep into a subject.

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2. You reject popular beliefs

The fact that a certain belief is popular is not a reason for you to adopt it. All that matters to you are facts and arguments, not the authority of those holding the opinion.

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3. You are forgetful

Because you are not interested in trivial subjects, you may seem forgetful. In fact, there’s an immediate process of erasing unnecessary information, so that you can learn new things and process new information.

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4. You are curious

Your mind is always looking for new things to understand and to connect. You have a thirst for knowledge that nothing can satisfy. You are interested in deep questions, in seeing things from a new perspective and in discovering fascinating facts about the world.

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5. You like solving problems

For you a problem is not a strike of bad luck, but an opportunity to put your analytical abilities to work. You can easily see patterns where others see only chaos. You can anticipate possible obstacles and predict the consequences of any course of action.

There are few things more admirable than a beautiful mind. Please, share this!