5 Things You Should Give Up In Order To Have A Great New Year

New Year resolutions are usually about achieving new things. Maybe we should consider giving up some things in order to be happier.

1. Stop judging others

When we look at somebody, we usually see only what we want to see. If you are tempted to judge somebody, this says more about you than the person who is being judged. Always remember that you don’t know the whole story behind the person in front of you.

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2. Stop allowing fear to run your life

Fear is not always irrational, sometimes it can save your life. But it shouldn’t run your life. Push yourself to confront and overcome your fears. Your life will become endless.

3. Stop being a sketchy friend

When you realize that the most important thing in life is having meaningful relationships, you also realize that you should put some effort into it. Real friends are those in whom you invest time, energy and affection.

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4. Stop getting involved with toxic people

Toxic people have a way of sucking the life out of you. They take everything you have to give and give nothing in return. Learn to identify this kind of persons and to stay away from them.

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5. Stop hiding your problems

Nobody is perfect and if you put a lot of effort into presenting yourself as being so, you’re only wasting your time. Time that would be better spent talking with your friends or with a therapist about your problems.

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