7 Things A True Friend Will Never Do

A true friend is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you. Here are 7 things a true friend will never do.

1. They don’t talk about you behind your back

A true friend will tell you if your behavior bothers them, if they consider your actions to be immoral or irrational. But they will tell you to your face. They will not engage in gossip or spread rumors about you.

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2. They don’t make you feel small

A true friend will criticize you only if they are certain that this will benefit you. They won’t point to your shortcomings only to make you feel bad about yourself and they won’t feel pleasure in humiliating you.

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3. They don’t start silly arguments

Having different points of view and discussing them is normal in friendships. But being carried away by pointless arguments, fighting for the sake of fighting and trying to have the last word is not what true friends do.

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4. They don’t make fun of your dreams

A true friend will inspire to become a better person. They will not make fun of your dreams, no matter how childish or idealistic they might be.

5. They don’t abandon you when things get tough

A true friend is a supportive friend. They won’t abandon you in your time or need or if someone better comes along.

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6. They are not envious of you

A true friend will be happy whenever something good happens to you. They are proud of you and celebrate every victory with you.

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7. They don’t take you for granted

A true friend appreciates you and makes sure you feel respected and cared for. They don’t come to you only when they need something from you and don’t expect you to be the only one making an effort.

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