7 Signs That Signal A Fake Friend

Sometimes, we welcome people in our life that don’t have our best interest at heart. Here are 7 signs that should warn you against fake friends.

1. A fake friend will judge you

One of the most important things we all need from a friend is unconditional support. If this person judges you, criticize you for every move you make and show you no empathy whatsoever, then maybe they are not your true friend.

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2. A fake friend will envy your success

One of the best things about achieving something is that you can share it with your friends. If this person envies your accomplishments or wants to make it seem less important, then they are not your true friend.

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3. A fake friend will violate your privacy

A true friend understands that the private details of your life are yours to share, that nothing justifies them interfering and that you are going to open up when the moment is right for you.

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4. A fake friend will call you only when they need something from you

A real friend will call you just to know how you are, to make sure everything is ok. A fake friend will call only when they have a favor to ask you, when you can benefit them in one way or another.

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5. A fake friend’s purpose will always be winning

If with a true friend a conversation is about the pleasure of discussing an issue, even if you have opposing views, with a fake friend is always about winning. With them, the pleasure of a heated debate doesn’t count, and neither does who has the best argument, but only who has the last word.

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6. A fake friend won’t respect you

A true friend will respect you no matter what. A fake friend won’t miss an opportunity to put you down, to humiliate you or to make fun of you.

7. A fake friend won’t show you any compassion

If this person has no empathy for you, if all they want is to bask in your misfortune, if they don’t really care what you are going through, then is this person really your friend? Please, share this!