5 Tactics To Convince A Troubled Friend To Go To Therapy

Sometimes, the help a friend needs is not the kind of help we can offer. Sometimes, they need professional help. Here are 5 ways we can try to convince a friend to go to therapy.

1. Have the right attitude

No matter how good your intentions are, the results will be negative if you don’t have the right attitude. Your friend should not feel that you are trying to force them into therapy. Moreover, they shouldn’t feel judged. All you have to convey is that you believe therapy will be helpful to them and that there’s no shame in seeking professional help.

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2. Be direct about it

There’s no point in beating around the bush about it. You should address the issue tactfully, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean you should use euphemisms or suggestions. In doing so, you might inadvertently create the impression that you believe the problem to be shameful.

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3. Be careful how you express your concern

When dealing with such a delicate issue, you have to choose your words carefully. Make sure your friend knows that your advice comes from affection, not hurt or anger. They might have done or say hurtful things to you while struggling with their disorder, but they should know that you don’t assimilate them with their symptoms.

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4. Assure them their privacy will be respected

For many people, going to a therapist is like airing their dirty linen in public. Make sure they know that therapy involves privacy, that the therapist is bound not to divulge what they learn to anybody. Actually, to talk to a therapist is safer than talking to a friend: you can confess anything without being blamed for it.

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5. Know when it’s time to give up

It’s essential for you to know that there’s only so much you can do when trying to convince a friend to seek help. Insisting too much can have the opposite effect. Do your best, but don’t make the other feel harassed.

Trying to help a troubled friends is a delicate matter. You’ll have to put your emotional intelligence to work. Please, share this!