5 Things Your Phone Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

For many of us, our phone is our most precious possession. But even the most enthusiast users don’t know all the things their phone can do. Here are 5 lesser known hacks.

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1. You can measure things with it

The app Size Up can help you measure just about anything through your phone’s camera.

2. You can use your phone without touching it

If your hands are busy, you can use your phone through voice commands.

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3. It can help you make decisions

Decision Crafting app can help you make decisions, if you can enter your options and the characteristics of the problem.

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4. It can help you in an emergency situation

The app called BSafe will send an SOS message to your emergency contacts along with your location in case you are in a dangerous situation.

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5. You can avoid traffic

The Waze application tells you if there are accidents, lots of traffic, or police coming up on your route.

Keep these tricks in mind! You never know when you might need them. Please, share this!