5 Types Of People You Really Need In Your Life

Not all friendships are for life. Some friends are still in our lives just because we used to share things. Some are there because we don’t know how to end the relationship. But some are in our lives for the best reasons. Here are the kind of friends everybody has to have in their lives.


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One of the best feelings in the world is to belong to a tribe of people who has your back and nourishes your emotional needs. The following are the kind of people whom you should cherish, because the rewards of being their friend are endless.

1. The “everything you do is amazing” kind of person

The person who is proud of you no matter what you do, who is your biggest fan and supporter should be number one on your list of friends. This person not only wouldn’t envy your accomplishments, but she proudly broadcasts them to the entire world.

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2. The “obviously she knows everybody” kind of person

If you are lucky enough to have a connector in your life, everything will become easier. This kind of person knows the right doctor, the best place to party and the most interesting people. They know when and to whom they should introduce you and never keeps her network to herself.

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3. The “of course she was there when that crazy thing happened” kind of person

Everybody needs to have an adventurer in their lives. Somebody who will drag you into the most amazing situations, whose thirst for life is contagious and who can make you abandon your comfort zone with confidence. Your best stories start with this friend inviting you to spend the evening together.

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4. The “I’ve got your back” kind of person

The person who drops everything when you feel down and comes by with a bottle of wine and an open heart is crucial to your life. She wouldn’t dream of turning her back on you when things get messy and she can always find a great solution to your problems.

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5. The “maybe you’ve been separated at birth” kind of person

And then there’s the person regarding which you’ve always wondered if you hadn’t been separated at birth. She knows how you feel without telling her, she calls you in the middle of the night to check up on you and there’s no secret you feel the need to hide from her. You can count on her to tell you when you have made a terrible mistake, but also not to judge you.

If you have this kind of friends in your life, share this with them!