5 Ways To Stop Overthinking And Take Control Of Your Life

Someone once said that “the mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” Sadly, that is very true. And those of us who tend to overthink everything have felt the pain of a troubling mind. The constant chatter in our heads tends to keep us away from living our lives here and now to the fullest potential.

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There are moments we get so stuck in this disturbing wheel that we can barely sleep. Not to mention the tension, stress and anxiety that ruminating can cause if prolonged. However, there are some ways we can ease our situation and release us from the grip of overthinking.

1. Meditation

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Meditation gives you a chance to pause. Try taking deep breaths and focus on your body. Science has evolved a lot in this direction as there is now clear evidence of the numerous health benefits meditating can bring. You can try sitting for 10 minutes each day and notice how your mind relaxes.

2. Get some exercise

Usually the tendency to overthink exists when we have plenty of energy to burn off. Walking, dancing, running, yoga or going to the gym can change all that. Move as much as you can during the day and you’ll get a much better sleep at night.

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3. Get into flow

This is about finding that activity that enables us to go into a state of flow. It could be work-related, it could be an artistic act like painting or writing. When you are in such a state, your mind will be focused 100% on the task instead of wandering.

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4. Try keeping a journal

Writing your thoughts on paper as they come can provide a great sense of relief. So whenever you feel bombarded with unwanted thoughts that can’t let you sleep, grab a pencil. Let it all out and who knows? You might discover you are actually good at writing and develop the habit.

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5. Rewire your brain

Fortunately, this is something else we could do. We can create neural pathways that lead to healthier habits and happier thoughts. Next time you catch yourself overwhelmed with excessive thinking, acknowledge what you’re actually doing. Becoming aware will help you pause next time you have trouble ruminating.

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