6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With A Complete Psychopath

You’re probably thinking you would know right away if you met a psychopath. But the truth is they are really hard to spot, mostly because they are usually charming and likable.

And they don’t stand out which makes it even more difficult to identify one.

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If you want to know if you have a psychopath in your life, here are the 6 signs you should look for.

1. They love looking down on people

That’s because they need to feel in control and the ones in power at all times. They will patronize you and put you down with every chance they get. That’s how they affirm their so-called superiority; and that’s how they get to rule the world.

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2. They are hypocrites

These people know how to win you over, but they also know how to stab you in the back. They can play the victim any time they want and get away with a lot. Don’t let them do this to you.

3. They have many sides

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This comes with being a hypocrite: you lead several lives at the same time, you have a couple of masks that you put on according to the situation and to what’s convenient to you.

4. They are drama queens

Psychopaths are unbelievable actors. Don’t get caught up in their game.

5. They are excellent manipulators

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If you’ve ever dealt with this kind of people, then you know how dangerous they are. Manipulation is their middle name and you don’t want to be part of the whole madness they create around them.

6. They are full of lies and excuses

These individuals will find a way to get themselves out of trouble and to further trick you. The excuses and mind games they come up with will mesmerize you. Only to eventually destroy you.

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