6 Beauty Tips That Will Cost You Nothing

Beauty is expensive. Most of the times. Here are 6 beauty tips that will cost you nothing.

1. Use an ice cube

In order to have a beautiful complexion, you need to have a healthy diet and plenty of sleep. But after a long night, you can revive your skin by rubbing an ice cube on it. It stimulates circulation and makes your skin glow.

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2. Don’t keep your beauty accessories in the bathroom

Even though most of us keep our accessories in the bathroom, this is not a good idea. Because of the humidity, they can alter and cause more damage than good.

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3. Be careful with everything that touches your skin

Keep everything that touches your skin (hands, phone, pillowcases etc.) extra clean.

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4. Pamper yourself with a face massage

Face massages are not only pleasant; they are also beneficial. They can stimulate the lymph flow and your dark circles and the bags under your eyes will disappear.

5. Don’t forget to take off your make-up before going to bed

Sometimes, women are so tired after a long day that they don’t have the energy to remove their make up before going to bed. But they shouldn’t forget that the make-up can block their pores and cause inflammation.

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6. Also, don’t forget your bra on

Sleeping with your bra on is dangerous, since it cuts the blood circulation. Not to mention the fact that it’s uncomfortable.

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