6 Creative Ways to Say I Love You

If you’re looking for new ways to confess your undying love for someone, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, you can always choose to say the big words in another language. We guarantee je t’aime sounds great too, especially if you say it with an accent. But that’s not what we have in mind. Instead, you can surprise your lover with other ways that sound just as wonderful. Read on to learn more about the 6 creative ways to say I love you.

1. How about a silent I Love You?

If you’ve already said it in every language on Earth, here’s another suggestion: use the sign language. You can only hope your partner will find that romantic and nice.

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2. Express your long-term wishes.

When you tell someone you want to spend a lifetime with them, you are clearly saying you love them. In fact, you may be revealing even more: it means you imagine your future with them.

3. Put the emphasis on your yin and yang thing.

Telling someone “you complete me” is just another means of showing how much you think you’re right for each other. This means you believe your partner is the perfect match for you.

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4. Tell them how important they are to you.

The sound of the phrase “you are everything to me” or “you mean the world to me” coming from our loved one will surely make our hearts beat faster. Don’t shy away from voicing these things – your lover will appreciate it a lot.

5. Utter the positive effects of love on you.

You can tell someone that you’re a better person because of them. Never underestimate the power of this phrase. People like to know they’re inspiring someone to be a better version of themselves.

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6. Equate happiness with love.

Choose to voice your love for your partner by telling them as often as you can how happy they make you.

If you have other ways of saying I love you, put it in the comments and we’ll post it! Tell your loved one you love them by sharing this article! Thanks for reading!