6 Good Reasons To Cry Your Eyes Out

Many of us think of crying as a bad thing and we often associate it with being sad. But did you know that tears can work miracles for our mind and body? Crying is one of the healthiest ways to cope with intense emotions.

If you’re stressed, it’s fine crying we suggest, to quote a Disney classic song. I think a weekly crying session will do us more good than harm in the long run. So here are 6 good reasons to cry your eyes out! 

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1. Tears help us see better.

One of the basic functions of tears is that they enable us to see. We could literally not make it alive without tears. Crying helps us a lot with lubricating our eyeballs and eyelids. So cry it out!

2. Tears remove toxins.

Crying is definitely not toxic for us, quite the contrary. Tears can actually remove toxins from our body that build up due to emotional stress. Consider it natural therapy!

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3. Tears can help us with stress.

Most of us have heard of laughter therapy, but what about crying therapy? Well, it’s a thing. When feeling angry or just exhausted, try crying. You will be surprised how relieved you’ll feel afterwards.

4. Tears can kill bacteria.

Yes! Tears help us fight off the germs we pick up every day in our environment. Because they contain lysozyme, they can get rid of all bacteria in 5 to 10 minutes!

5. Tears can boost our mood right away.

Have you noticed how much better you feel after you cry? It’s because tears can elevate our mood and help us with feelings of anger, anxiety, fatigue, or nervousness.

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6. Tears release feelings.

Most importantly, crying can set us free. Tears will help us deal with our emotional turmoil in a very healthy way. Try it out, you’ll feel physically and spiritually better!

When was the last time you cried? Let us know in the comments!