6 Times A Man Will Deeply Regret Losing A Good Woman

When they let go of you, they may not see right away that they’ve made a mistake. But that time will come. It may not happen on a particular day or in a given moment, but once he realizes it, there’s no going back. This is how his sense of regret will manifest:

1. When he realizes that no one loves him like you did

This will hit him hard. The thought may have been lurking ever since he was breaking up with you, but was too afraid to admit it maybe. However, it will take a long time for these thoughts to surface. Because once they do, he knows there’s no turning back. And that he has made the mistake of his life by turning his back on you.

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2. When he meets someone who values money over love

This will crush him. Because when he was with you, he knew how much he appreciated your depth and your longing for genuine people. You also shared a contempt for material stuff and for people who put things over people. Whenever he meets someone who reminds him all the ways you weren’t like most people he knows – he should have cherished you more.

3. When he realizes he has no one to have a deep conversation with

Again, this will be a difficult realization for him. No more long good conversations till 4 am. No more of your jokes, no more laughter at his jokes.

4. Whenever he feels the selfishness in the world

The older he gets, the more he will retreat in his own shell. Because he has seen selfishness in others and so he will become cold and distant too. That is when he will miss you the most because he knew you were warm, affectionate and always there for him, no matter what.

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5. When he realizes friends aren’t enough anymore

His friends are cool, especially for fooling around. But when it comes to real intimacy, he’s on his own. Sure, his friends will help if anything serious comes up, but he can’t cuddle with them at the end of the day.

6. When he realizes how rare a real connection is

This is the one realization that will be the hardest to bear. Also, a long time will have to pass before he can tell how rare what you two had was – many failed relationships, many other experiences. But he will get there, perhaps many years later. Tragically so. Then he will think again about how wonderful you could have been together had you stayed in each other’s lives.