7 Reasons Why We Should Make More Time For Cuddling

Women usually love to cuddle, men usually consider cuddling a favor done to the women in their lives so that they increase the chances of more essential activities. But research shows that cuddling is an important part of the any relationship and has great health benefits.


When you cuddle there are some important changes in your brain that can benefit us all, not only babies and women.

1. When we cuddle, our brain releases chemicals that make us feel good

One of these chemicals is oxytocin, a bonding hormone. When it is released we feel more connected to our partner.

2. If we cuddle, our immune system is invigorated

By touching and cuddling our immune system is temporary fired up, which is essential for our overall physical health.

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3. The more we cuddle, the better our sexual life will be

Another brain chemical that is released during cuddling is dopamine. It helps control the reward and pleasure centers of the brain.

While we cuddle we help not only our romantic life, but our sexual life as well.

4. Cuddling is essential to the relationship between mother and child

Because of the release of the oxytocin, young mothers can bond in a better way with their child. It helps with breastfeeding and also encourages sleep.

5. We cannot cuddle and be stressed at the same time

Because of the release of oxytocin, the blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones are reduced.

The impact on stress hormones has an influence on our level of anxiety or mental abilities, our attention, moods and desire.

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6. When is not that easy to use your words, use your cuddles

Cuddling is a easier way of communication than verbal communication. So part of the negativity gathered during the day can be erased with simple physical contact.

7. Cuddling helps social interactions

Because of the release of oxytocin favored by cuddling, we might be inclined towards positive thinking.

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If we have an optimistic approach on life, we will have a better relationship not only with our partner, but good social relationships in general.

Even though the physical and psychological benefits of cuddling have been scientifically proven only lately, we all know that they feel good and that they are the indication of a good relationship.

Cuddle your way to health and share this with your loved ones!