8 Clues Someone Is About To Steal Your Heart Forever

When we fall in love, we go through all sorts of changes, mental as well as physical. Our gut becomes populated with butterflies, our pupils dilate and all we want is that person. The one who turned our world upside down. In the best possible way.

But are you actually falling in love or is it just a crush? There are a few clear signs that what you feel is really love.

1. You feel high

This is usually the first sign that what you’re experiencing is love. Lately, you feel like nothing can bring you down. And you can’t seem to remember ever feeling differently. Science tells us that love helps us release chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. So enjoy the high!

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2. You find it easy to predict what the other is thinking

This is part of the getting-to-know-each-other-better process. When we’re falling in love, we become attuned to the other person’s feelings and emotions. Inevitably, we will know where they stand.

3. You can be your weird self around them

This just comes naturally. If you just want to impress them all the time, it may not be real love, but only lust.

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4. You only have eyes for them

At this point, you can’t tell if other attractive people exist in this world. And frankly, you don’t even care!

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5. You miss them whenever you’re apart

Even if you just saw them half an hour ago, you still miss them. Always.

6. Every song you hear makes you think of them

Because you have love on your mind, the music that will cross your path will certainly be about you and your significant other.

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7. You want to tell them everything

You feel the urge to share every little thing with them. And you actually do because they know how to listen.

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8. You start making plans for the future

This may happen unexpectedly. You just know that if you’ve come to this stage, you cannot imagine the future without them.

This is how you know they are slowly but surely becoming your heart and soul. Please share this!