8 Weird Jobs You Probably Don’t Know About

If you’re all grown up and still don’t know what you want to become, maybe we can help out with a few interesting and ingenious ideas. Or maybe you’ll just find these jobs plain awkward. Whatever the case, you’ll be surprised to find out there are people who make a career out of some on this list. Without further ado, here are 8 weird jobs you probably don’t know about. You’re welcome!

1. Book conservator

Also known as a book doctor. These people usually take care of books and make sure they’re alive and well for as long as possible.

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2. Parachute tester

This is as dangerous as it sounds. Good luck with that! It’s like a stunt man. Right?

3. Hook writer

No, this is not a writer who writes about hooks. It’s about people who write the catchy part of a song, also known as hook. Ta-da.

4. Food expert witness

We’re not joking. This is someone who explains food stuff to juries during a trial. They’re food experts with a twist. They just work in courts.

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5. Professional jewelry wearer

This may sound appealing. So what do these people do? These people are paid to wear expensive jewelry by rich people who want to sell them to other rich people. Oh, did we mention the rich people? Rich people.

6. Lightbulb replacer

This is exactly what the name suggests. There are big companies out there who employ people to replace lightbulbs. All day long.

7. Staple remover

We all know staples from documents we need to scan must be removed. Apparently, there’s a job for this activity and it involves…you guessed: removing staples.

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8. Bridge driver

This is for real. When you’re afraid to drive over a bridge, you can call the bridge driving services and they’ll do it for you. Need a bridge ride? No problem. These people have it covered.

So there you have it! We hope you had fun with these! Hit the share button to let your friends know!