9 Signs You’re Not In Love But Addicted

Can you tell the difference between being in love and being addicted to your partner? Sometimes we get so tangled in the chains of love we mistake it for addiction. Crazy in love is an elated feeling but it can quickly shift to dependence.

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It’s phenomenal to fall madly in love, it’s pure ecstasy for the heart. But it all can turn to infatuation and addiction more quickly than we can imagine, primarily because we abandon our own sense of self for the sake of the relationship.

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1. Your family and friends come second since you’re officially together.

2. You’re hurt when they make plans with others and you hate them for enjoying it.

3. You wait around until they finish their work to be together again. You lost interest in all your hobbies and activities and now all you do is stuff as a couple.

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4. The idea that your romance may come to an end frightens you terribly. It would be like the end of the world.

5. Because you want to be with them at all times, you seldom feel ignored and so you pick up fights for no apparent reason.

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6. You pretend you like the same things as them just so you can spend more time in their company.

7. You can’t spend time alone anymore, you feel anxious or empty.

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8. You simply can’t get your hands off them, often engaging in sexual activity in inappropriate places.

9. You drop everything for them. They become your priority.

Take care of your heart and soul, don’t lose yourself entirely in another person! It’s not love, it’s addiction. Pass it on!