The Startling Distinction Between Genuine Love And Attachment, Explained By A Buddhist Nun

For so many years, we’ve been fed the story of Prince Charming on a white horse who will sweep us off our feet and turn our humble existence into a fairy tale. We lead our lives searching for The One, believing that only by finding our soulmate could we ever have a chance at happiness. But these don’t add up in real life and we end up chasing something that’s not real.

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There’s a startling difference between genuine love and attachment and we all have to learn this vital lesson.

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Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma, a Tibetan buddhist nun, author, teacher and founder of the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in India, points out the misconceptions we have about love and how that can make our life really confusing.

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“We mistake the idea of Love for Attachment.”

“We imagine that the grasping and clinging we have in our relationships shows that we love. Whereas actually, it is just Attachment, which causes pain. The more we grasp, the more we are afraid to lose, if we do lose, then of course we are going to suffer”, said the nun in a video.

Genuine love is wanting someone else to be happy whereas attachment is wanting somebody else to make you happy.

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“Any kind of relationship which imagines that we can fulfill ourselves through another is bound to be very tricky. Ideally, people would come together already feeling fulfilled within themselves and therefore just appreciating that in the other, rather than expecting the other to supply that sense of well-being.”

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Watch the full interview with Tenzin Palmo below:

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