The 5 Habits of Truly Genuine People

In this toxic selfish world we now live in, encountering genuine people has nearly become a thing of the past. It’s not easy to stay authentic in a ‘pretend’ world. Genuine people cherish the present moment while being totally true to themselves.

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If you have these 5 traits, you can call yourself a genuine person:

1. They speak truth

People who are truly genuine always speak the truth and only the truth. They share their views and opinions about life and are never scared to be vulnerable. They don’t really have a taste for small talk, real and deep conversations are their strength. Genuine people are concerned about more serious topics but won’t become irritated if other facile matters emerge in discussions. Honesty is their best policy.

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2. They listen

You might think listening is cinch, but it’s far from that. Nowadays, getting people’s attention has turned into this laborious task. It seems that you ought to say something really interesting for others to become interested in what you have to say. Genuine people really listen, they take the time to pay attention to the other person while responding with sincerity.

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3. They don’t seek to be liked

Being liked is not something genuine people care about. They absolutely do their own thing, they follow their heart and are true to their spirit. You must be yourself in any situation and forget about other people’s opinions. Stop worrying about what people say, if you want to become a genuine person.

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4. They are generous

They not only practice generosity when it comes to material things, they also share their knowledge with others. Sharing is indeed caring for them.

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5. They display confidence

Truly genuine people have confidence in themselves, they believe in their own powers and also feel really comfortable in their own skin. Self-esteem is something that draws people to them like a magnet.

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