10 Things To Know If You Love A Woman With A Cautious Heart

Bruised and burnt so many times, they have enchained their heart and don’t really show anyone the way to get there. Those with a cautious heart learned the love lesson the hard way but in the end, they emerged triumphant and stronger than ever.

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Women with a cautious heart will never throw their heart unwisely. At least never again. A sensitive soul like is kept secluded, leaving room only for those who navigate sagely through the waters of her soul.

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If you’re falling for a woman with a guarded heart, first you must love her with patience and fortitude. For her heart is a worthy treasure. Here are other essential things you should know about her:

1. Authenticity is key. And kindness. They don’t care for material things or looks. What matters is within you.

2. She walks on her own, empowered and knowing too well that she’s going to make it. If she invites you to come along, consider yourself lucky.

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3. Words don’t mean anything to her, she has heard all that before. She wants to see actions.

4. Cautious hearts are often the most graceful ones. She will take care of you like no other.

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5. Be tender and kind, or else she’ll split. With great speed.

6. She will always appreciate you for who you are. Be sincere at all times.

7. She is a survivor, she does not need you. If she lets you in is because she has decided to do so.

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8. She doesn’t like to depend on anyone. She learned a long time ago that you make things happen, you create your own happiness.

9. A lot goes on in her head and too little is shared.

10. Don’t try to push her, a relationship moving too fast will scare her. Allow her to be the one setting the pace.

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