If You Don’t Tolerate These 5 Things In Your Relationship, You’re A Strong Woman

A strong woman knows how to set boundaries and to be herself no matter the opposition she faces. And these things are also reflected in her relationships. Here are 5 things a strong woman would never tolerate in a relationship.

1. Disrespect

A strong woman will never tolerate being talked down or having her opinions and her choices ignored. She treats everybody around her with respect and she expects the same.

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2. Inequality

A strong woman can spot misogyny miles away and she doesn’t accept any form of it. Being told what to do, what to think or what to wear will infuriate her and will make her reconsider the whole relationship.

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3. Intrusiveness

Pushing her boundaries, not giving her enough space for herself or violating her privacy are offences that will make a strong woman push back or even break the relationship.

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4. Control

A strong woman is an independent woman and any attempt to dominate her or to control her will be met with strong opposition. She is used to deciding for herself and accepting the consequences of her actions.

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5. Indifference

The fact that she is independent doesn’t mean she doesn’t need support and affection. If she is ignored or treated with indifference she will redraw from the relationship.

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