When You Feel Down, Remember These 4 Phrases

Sometimes life can get pretty messy. Things may not go as planned and this often angers us or brings us down. We’ve all been through this so we know how difficult it can be. At the end of the day, it matters less what life throws our way and more how we choose to deal with the hardship.

When you get angry, sad or upset, you need to remember some phrases that will help you navigate the hard times better.

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1. Nothing lasts forever

However inconvenient your life may seem right now, remember that the bad comes and goes. Trust that if things are not great now, they will soon change. The pain really isn’t permanent. Moreover, there is a new beginning with each choice you make. So stay positive and the sun will surely come out on your street again!

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2. Going through this will make me stronger and wiser

This is probably the number one thing to remember when the going gets tough. This phrase is so powerful because it’s incredibly true. The strongest people I know have dealt with many issues and they now master the art of going through suffering and healing their wounds.

It takes time and patience but you’ll eventually get there. And you’ll feel so much more empowered but also ready to face life’s new challenges.

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3. Best thing I can do is keep going

The struggle is real and you feel it with every cell in your body. But even though you may not realize it, you are making huge progress. You are moving forward because you managed to pick yourself up. And once you got up you know that the only meaningful thing you have the power to do is to push forward and become a better you.

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4. My scars don’t show weakness but strength

Most people are afraid that bad experiences may damage them forever. The truth is that we may feel broken when dealing with an emotional wound. But if we give it time and let it heal, we’ll be able to get on the other side. And the other side is where you are standing wiser and more empowered because you know that your scars are now part of you. And they tell a wonderful story of success. They show that you can overcome absolutely anything.

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