This Is The Source Of Our Lives’ Both Happiest And Saddest Moments

Thinking back on your life, can you tell what were the moments of extreme sadness and grief? Or when you were at your happiest?

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Some of us might think that we were at our lowest in life after an individual failure, like losing your job, failing an exam or not being able to advance in your career. Maybe our most intense sadness came from the realization that we can’t pursue our dreams.

But that’s not what research found. It’s true that we may be grief stricken with every setback we experience, but it’s also typically easier to move on from these.

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The study suggests it’s actually the people in our lives that make the difference.

This means that it’s our social relationships that can send us on an emotional roller-coaster, more than anything else we experience in life.

It’s true that most of us spend a considerable amount of time on education, work, as well as our passions and personal projects. And individual achievements are definitely one essential aspect of our lives. But the backbone of our experience on this planet stands in our connections.

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The results of the study suggest that it is social events that mark our highs and lows the most. And it’s also the events that we tend to remember as we age. Perhaps a rock concert we attended with our loved one, or a Christmas spent with our family that made us feel whole.

College students and middle-aged people were asked about their most positive and negative experiences during the study. Dr. Gabriel explained that these were…

“…the moments when close relationships began or ended; when people fell in love or found a new friend; when a loved one died or broke their hearts.”

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In other words, life’s most intense moments rest in our hearts. Whether it’s heartbreak or a deep and meaningful connection, it’s what we’ll remember as they years go by. So keep your loved ones close, they are the heartbeat of your entire existence.

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