5 Types of People You Really Need To Have In Your Life

We tend to neglect the impact that people in our lives have on our well-being. Here are 5 types of people that are a blessing.

1. The joker

There’s nothing like having someone in your life who can put a smile on your face, no matter how miserable you feel. Having a friend with a great sense of humor who can turn your frown upside down is a blessing.

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2. The human lie detector

If you’re the type of person who trusts everyone around them and sees only the best in people, you need someone in your life who can spot a liar. They know to read body language and they have extremely good deductive skills.

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3. The justice fighter

If you tend to avoid conflict at any cost, you need to have someone who can translate your anger into action. But it’s not only about having someone who has your back, but also someone who is up to date to the social movements of your time, who can drag you to a rally when you hesitate.

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4. The oddball

You need someone in your life whose lifestyle and values are totally different from yours. Someone who can challenge everything you believe and do and that can show you a different perspective on everything that you consider to be certain.

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5. The cheerleader

When life gets tough, we need someone who will encourage us and make us feel safe. Someone who knows the right word that will make us feel better and whose advice are always valuable.

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