8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

A strong woman has been through pain. Her struggles have turned her into a tough person who can also be vulnerable and kind. She has overcome any obstacles with grace and has learned forgiveness. She has become her truly best friend and is more empowered than ever.

Here is why most men find it hard to handle such a woman:

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1. A strong woman doesn’t need a man to conquer her

If she meets someone she likes, she will go on and make the first move because they’re confident enough. She won’t wait for you to pick her out from the crowd. She stands out anyway.

2. She knows what she wants

She wants a man who is just as strong, a man with goals and dreams. A strong independent woman seeks integrity, honesty and intelligence. And she won’t back down from getting what she wants.

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3. She is not intimidated by intimacy

A strong woman will challenge a man and ask of him to be comfortable with any form of intimacy. Some men could find it difficult to measure up to her standards, especially when intimacy comes into question.

4. She will require vulnerability

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Vulnerability is yet another aspect that men have a hard time with. It goes back to having their emotional needs neglected as little boys. A strong woman will want to bring out the more emotional side of a man because she acknowledges how much that matters.

5. She is intense

A man will have to be very self-confident to handle the intensity and strength of a woman. She has a very powerful personality and expects you to live up to her standards.

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6. She will require honesty

There’s no playing with her as she will see right through your lies so beware.

7. She will love you unconditionally

If she feels you’re worth it, she will do anything in her power to show it to you. Some men can’t handle what she has to offer, maybe because they don’t think they deserve that much love.

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8. She will show you who you are

She will expose you, point out your flaws and force you to address them. Some men prefer to keep these issues under the rug.

Strong women have no time for playing games. So if you’re in for the long haul, then appreciate her for the remarkable person that she is. Please share this!