What To Expect When Falling In Love With A Girl Who Is Used To Being Alone

Living in solitude has many perks. But it’s also very difficult to be self-reliant at all times. If you fall for a girl who has been on her own for a long time, you will need extra care. Not all guys are able to handle such a powerful presence in their lives.

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This is the girl who was strong enough to face all of life’s difficulties all alone. She is a true individual and what makes her unique are her resilience and her ability to overcome anything.

This is the girl who doesn’t need help from anyone because she is used to solving her problems on her own. You won’t see her in big crowds or groups of people and her circle of friends is rather limited. That’s because she is very careful with choosing the people who are a consistent part of her life.

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She is the one who was forced to stand up to challenges and obstacles by herself.

In times of great need, she was forced to make her own way. And she has no regrets because this deepened her existence and made her soul kinder and fuller.

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Chances are this girl has been very vulnerable once and got hurt in ways she could never express. And then she had to learn to get past the hurt in her own solitude. But she may have not recovered from these brutal experiences. And so she now finds it very hard to let anyone get close to her. She is not used to being vulnerable and letting people in anymore.

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Receiving help seems a strange thing to do when you’ve been captive in your own little world. This made her wiser and strengthened her values. She doesn’t need a guy’s approval and will not lower her standards.

Don’t let any of this discourage you. If you fell in love with this girl, know that she will open up to you when she feels safe. Appreciate her for the person she’s become and understand that she truly is precious. Please share this!