5 Things At Which Introverts Are Great

Introverts usually have a bad reputation of being too sensible and hard to deal with. In reality, they are deep and faithful people. And they have some special skills. Here are 5 of them.

1. Knowing their own limits

Because they are indeed extremely sensible people, they become easily overwhelmed by exterior stimuli. That’s why they know when it’s time to leave a party or put an end to a tense interaction.

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2. Knowing how to recharge

Often, after participating to a social event, an introvert needs some time to himself. Staying in bed with a good book, listening to music or meditating are their ways of recharging and getting ready to confront the world again.

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3. Being creative

Introverts have a rich imagination and they know how to use it. They like writing, drawing or playing music and are usually good at it. In fact, they may even find creative solutions to practical problems.

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4. Showing compassion

Because they are in touch with their own feelings and a great capacity to empathize with others, they always know the right thing to say to somebody in pain. And because they are used to find the answers they seek inside themselves, they can guide others and help them make the same journey.

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5. Listening to others

One of the most important ways they help others is just listening to them. They know the right questions to ask and how to make others feel comfortable enough to share whatever they are troubled by. Also, if you tell a secret to an introvert, you can be sure they will not share it with anybody else.

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