7 Best Ways to Improve Your Memory

Our memory plays tricks on all of us. Because of the daily stress, we tend to forget things that we used to be able to remember, like that actor who played in that movie we saw…then. Stuff gets foggy in our brains and it’s probably because we don’t train our minds enough so they become tired.

And then we won’t be able to learn new things easily either. Luckily, we can reverse that process with a few tips. So here are the 7 best ways to improve your memory!

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1. Keep your body moving.

Exercising is one of the best methods to keep your body and your mind active. You don’t really have to hit the gym if you don’t have the time. You can try out other fun activities like swimming, dancing or ice skating which are healthy and awesome too. Or even just a 30-minute walk in the park would do you tremendously well.

2. Try to eliminate stress.

Stress is the number one factor that interferes with our memory. Anything that causes major anxiety or anger in your life will attack the part of the brain that is responsible for memory.

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3. Sleep.

Take naps whenever possible and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. You will not only feel refreshed and less stressed, but you’ll also see how your memory doesn’t have to suffer that much.

4. Feed your brain.

There are healthy foods and fats that can work wonders for your memory and it’s worth trying. If you want to know more about this, here are the 6 Best Foods to Boost Your Brainpower.

5. Stop multitasking.

Multitasking can wreak havoc on your memory and concentration so it’s better if you avoid it and pay more attention to the details that every task involves.

6. Write it down.

Unless you forget to do this, writing down stuff and making lists could help with remembering things. Just don’t forget where you placed  the notes!

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7. Read and do crosswords puzzles.

These two activities will keep your memory sharp in the long term and could even prevent you from developing Alzheimer’s disease.

There you have it! Don’t forget (pun intended) to pass this on!