Are Creative People Destined To Suffer?

Everyone seems to agree that creative people –from writers to painters and dancers –  are more likely to suffer from mental disorders. The mad genius myth is so spread, that is considered a given. But is it true?

Apparently, it goes without saying that to be an artist means that you are struggling. Not only financially, but also struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other mental problems.

There seems to be a strong link between wanting to dissect our inner being into little pieces and putting them on display, for all to learn the anatomy of the soul, and pain.

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So are all creative people doomed to lead miserable, alienating lives? Is insanity a necessary condition for being an artist? Can you live a creative life without falling in the deep pit of despair?

The answer is not as simple as we might hope. While expressing yourself through creative activities may change or even save your life, you shouldn’t internalize the idea that you must suffer in order to create.

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Isn’t the idea of needing to suffer in order to create a limiting belief? Aren’t you allowed to create even though everything goes well in your inner and outer life?

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Maybe the creative mind can find a way, tailored to your own needs and personality, to access your talents and your uniqueness without hurting yourself. To see your sensibility not as a curse, but as a blessing. You may fail at any moment, it’s true, but you can also trust the creative process and enjoy it as it unfolds.

Not all creative endeavors mean pain. They can mean life. Please, share this!