Don’t Make It Your Sole Goal To Be Happy, It May Backfire On You

The sooner you come to realize that happiness is just a series of fleeting moments, the faster you’ll stop chasing it like there’s no tomorrow. We shouldn’t make it our sole purpose to be happy, it may quickly backfire on us. Find out why below.

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It’s scientifically proven that if you act happy when you’re down and smile when you don’t feel like it, your mood will improve. However, setting a goal to be happy no matter what happens is not really the best thing you can do.

For happiness is only a state of feeling, not something tangible that you can grab the moment you get there.

To feel fully fulfilled you must give up the idea that you can touch happiness with your bear hands and instead work on reducing the negativity that claws its way in your life. These are more feasible goals.

New research shows that people who put great value on happiness are less happy because they set higher objectives, which lead them to fail or to feel let down. Higher expectations and thinking that staying happy will make you fulfilled will not bring you satisfaction at the end of the ride.

Furthermore, if you’re too stuck on finding happiness around the corner, you may lose sight of what’s really happening around you. In your quest for daily bliss, you become more and more selfish. So much so that you can miss out on opportunities to create happy moments with others.

Focusing on short-term goals that imply activities rather than emotions is the way to go, experts say. Meditate, eat healthier, quit smoking, exercise more, take your parents to the movies.

These baby goals are the ones who eventually bring us joy, not the restless hunt for pure happiness. Pass this on!