5 Things I Tell Myself When I Feel Miserable

When depressed, it’s crucial to possess the right words to tell ourselves. The things we repeat to ourselves may take the form of mantras, believed to have psychological and healing powers. These phrases can actually improve mental wellbeing and can save you from a fever of despair.

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Whenever I feel sad and blue, I tell these 5 things to myself and they really help:

1. Everything has an end

Nothing lasts forever. These dark times will fade one day, as everything must come to an end sooner or later. Trust that you will get through this, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you will survive the darkest period of your life, even if now it seems the hardest thing ever.

2. My life isn’t under threat

Yes, although depression can feel like a massive tempest upon your soul, remember that your life is not in danger. Release the fear that tags along with it.

3. I’m strong enough to make it

Yes, we are strong enough to make it. People don’t give themselves enough credit but they are much stronger than they realize. Even if we think letting depression drain our soul is a weakness, reaching out for help is not. Only by admitting to yourself and those around that you suffer, now that is a clear sign of strength.

4. I will take it slow

Change is always tough but it’s certainly conceivable. Start with small steps, make one little change at a time, don’t throw yourself into a carousel of things you want to be different, you might end up in disarray.

5. I am worthy

I’m worthy and people like me for who I am. It’s paramount you tell this phrase to yourself each and every day because it’s the truth.

Stay strong, you will get through this! Pass it on!