How To Dress To Look Smarter (Recent Study)

They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But covers are important, whether they’re album covers or book covers. They can reveal a significant aspect of the story or music. If they are visually appealing, they can even help boost the sales or inspire those who buy them.

And we surely pay attention to how people are covered: what they’re wearing, how much they are wearing and how often. Some of us are more interested in these details than others though. And it’s not only about job interviews where you’re supposed to look dapper and dashing.

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It’s about everyday life and how we choose to express ourselves. Artists may use this to express themselves visually more or even make a fashion statement. Or a political statement, why not?

Most of us choose something comfortable on a daily basis because, well, it feels great to feel comfortable in our skin. And maybe not care so much about our physical appearance or what others may think of us.

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This new study has revealed that wearing more clothing makes you look more competent and intelligent.

And the study goes further. They say that even a tiny gesture as removing off a sweater can make someone look less competent.

The explanation is that seeing more flesh exposed makes us think about the person’s body, and not their mind.

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So keep your clothes on and look confident!

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