Every Day, Millions Of People Suffer From This

There are many people on this planet who are suffering from dehydration and they don’t even know it. It’s probably the most disregarded affection that keeps us from functioning at our best.

Are you or someone you know feeling tired, lousy, down, awful, or low lately? Then you could be dehydrated.

They say we can’t survive without water for more than 5 days. No wonder they also say water is life because without it our bodies would simply shut down. Did you know that our bodies are 60% made up of water, while our brains are almost 85% water?

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But how much water do we actually need on a daily basis?

Most studies agree that we need about 2 liters of water per day to function at optimal levels. Sometimes, we get so busy with our hectic lives that we forget to have a glass of water and we suddenly feel dizzy or tired and don’t know why. So here are a few signs of dehydration.

1. You feel tired and low on energy.

Because our brains are almost entirely made up of water, we struggle to think more clearly when we haven’t had enough. So if you feel chronic fatigue, then drinking more water on a daily basis could be a solution.

2. You feel dizzy when you stand up.

When we are dehydrated, our blood volume decreases and that’s why we feel dizzy sometimes, especially when we stand up.

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3. You feel moody and usually more irritable.

We don’t get cranky only when we’re hungry; the same goes for when we feel thirsty. Chronic dehydration can lead to persistent lower moods which could even lead to depression.

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4. You get headaches frequently.

Suffering from migraines is also a common sign of dehydration. Perhaps you should go for an extra glass of water instead of that third cup of coffee.

Watch our video below and don’t forget to drink more water!

Pass this on and help everyone get healthier by drinking more water!