Forever By Your Side – 10 Foods That Never Expire

Food can go bad pretty quickly, so it’s important to know the food that almost never expires. When you feel like cooking but you were too busy to hit the market, it’s a good idea to have your pantry packed with these aliments.

Do not make the mistake of throwing them out! It is always good to keep them around. Here they are:

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Honey – the one super food that lasts apparently forever, the oldest jar of this magic goods is said to be 5500 years old. No wonder the ancient Greeks called it the nectar of the gods.

White rice – if stored in the right conditions, rice can last up to thirty years, without changing its nutrient content.

Salt – it’s used for preserving other foods so you should never worry about your salt.

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Sugar – store your sugar in airtight containers in order to keep the moisture out and it may keep you forever.

Dried beans – though it is a possibility the quality of the beans decreases over time, they do not lose their nutritional value.

Soy sauce – it can last years on end in your fridge, especially if left unopened.

White vinegar – always there to help out with your dressings.

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Maple syrup – count on it every time you make pancakes, its shelf life is indefinite.

Hard Liquor – you never know when you’ll need some alcohol, right?

Cornstarch –besides thickening your delicious sauce, you can also use it to eliminate odors or soothe rashes.

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