Here’s What You Need To Know About Highly Sensitive People

We seem not to make up our minds about sensitivity. We tell insensitive people to be more considerate. But we also tell sensitive people to develop a thicker skin. But what’s the deal with highly sensitive people?

First of all, science has confirmed that there is such thing as a highly sensitive person. They are not whiners, they are not phonies.

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Highly sensitive people are born with complex and rich inner lives, whose emotions can overpower them. They are attuned to their inner bodily sensations and that’s why they readily notice sensory changes.

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The positive aspect of such persons is that they are creative and empathic. The negative aspect is that they are prone to mental disorders and that they can be easily overwhelmed.

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The brain of highly sensitive people is different from others: there’s a lower threshold for action and hyper-excitability.

There is a number of things this kind of  people can do in order to have a better life:

  • Reduce number of intense stimuli
  • Limit the number of tasks done simultaneously
  • Notice warning signs to avoid burnout
  • Write down their thoughts and feelings
  • Try meditation
  • Put their creativity to work
  • Create stronger relationships

Highly sensitive people are extraordinary people and should be treated with care and respect. Please, share this!