5 Weird Thoughts Only An Introvert Has

Introverts are not as weird as people may think. But they do have some odd behaviors. Here are 5 things an introvert thinks on a regular basis.

1. “Do I really have to go?”

For an introvert, going out can be a real ordeal. It’s not that they don’t like people, they do, they just don’t like crowds or forced socializing.

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2. “I hope he doesn’t want to talk with me”

For an introvert, small talk is torture. They never have anything to say about the weather or about the way they’ve spent their weekend. The only conversations they enjoy are the ones with close friends, when they can really dig deep.

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3. “Can we go now?”

You can easily identify an introvert by the fact that they are stranded in a corner, thinking about how they would prefer being at home, watching a TV series or reading a book.

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4. “Something horrible must have happened, because, look, an unknown number is calling me”

Introvert people are usually anxious. That’s why when somebody with an unknown number is calling them, the first thing that crosses their mind is that a tragedy happened. They can rarely imagine somebody calling with good news.

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5. “I’ll stay in the bathroom for a while”

An introvert hates confrontation. And if there’s a tense situation developing with someone, they will prefer to literally hide than get into a fight with them.

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