Here’s Why You’re Completely Wrong About Narcissism

Narcissus is a legendary character of incredible beauty who was loved by all the nymphs. He fell in love with his own imagine and died of sadness that he couldn’t be with the one he desired. Narcissists are hard to tolerate and subject to moral judgement. They always exaggerate their accomplishments and consider themselves superior to others.


So they feel entitled to having privileges that others don’t. They don’t like to be criticized and often lack empathy for others.

But is there a good type of narcissism? Is there another way to look at narcissism?

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Psychologists tend to explain the narcissist personality disorder as being a result of low self-esteem for which they overcompensate.

This is rooted in parental neglect and parents’ failure to validate the child’s worth.

We tend to admire the successful leaders, the attractive people, the ones who know how to enter a room and be the life of party. They tend to be vivacious and creative.

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That’s why if we understand narcissism as a self-regulating mechanism, if people are aware of their tendencies, we might uncover a healthy narcissism.

It’s just a matter of finding the middle ground between not ever caring about the others and feeling good about yourself. To be able to see yourself as special, but to also respect others.

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What is important for us to learn is how to strive beyond ordinary and still be able to accept and work on our shortcomings.

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